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Why Roosevelt was bigger pig than Stalin?

It might seem contradictory and doubtful that "President of Free world" would be a part of action of making slaves in other (not-so-free) parts of world. I am not very sure about his intensions, but one thing is undoubtfully sure - outcome was a disaster: around 60 mln victims (the biggest number of casualties ever), hundred of millions injured, half of the world bombed and tens of nations occupied or destroyed for ever. I have a question: why?

Well, things what they write in the history books, are pretty confusing. Something about Hitler, something about Stalin but not much about USA. Or if there is something, it is always good: saviour of Europe, peaceful rule and prosperity.

If we try to look the facts of II WW very closely on political issues, it appears that thersold of the war was on autumn 1943, in Teheran. The bloodiest treaty of mankind, a turn, where "leaders of free world" gave hand to devil itself and destroyed everything that they were protecting. At least protecting in words.

There are some theories about U.S. intelligence and higher administration of military forces (including the President) having the information about Japanese air-raid in Hawai (7.12.41) before it really happened. Actually much earlier, it happened. (Conspiracists reasoned it like this: U.S leaders used it as a good "wake-up" for people, to join the army and join the II WW). Well, even if it's true, what happened in Teheran was much-much worse.

What happened in Teheran?

In the end of 1943 Hitler had lost his success. Germans had lost the battle of Stalingrad, Moscow was regaining its power and III Reich had serious problems with managing this huge peace of land, that they had conquered. What is more, Rommel lost the battle for North-Africa and the Allies had already invaded Italy. Mussolini was inprisoned, half of the Italy had already occupied by Allies. So, it seems to be quite clear for everybody, that in the end of 1943 nazi-Germany was no position to bargain anymore. They were just few steps before collapsing.

If germans offered peace to Great Britain already in 1941 on the peak of their success (the Hess flight to Scotland ->, then it is obvious that in the end of 1943 they certainly wanted peace with the Allies. As I said, they were no position to bargain.
They wanted to end the war (before the war ends them:), but U.S didn't. No, they wanted to destroy Germany. The whole f....g Europe, to be exact.

If the Allies would have made peace with Germany in the end of 1943, this war would have had a normal, humane end. Probably nazis would have gave up their occupations in the west (Benelux, Denmark, Norway, France) and continued the war with soviets. In this war, there would not have been any breakthroughs. Nazi-Germany and Soviet Russia would have been (if not supported by anyone) quite equal enemies and probably the war would have ended quite like WW I. Sooner or later, Hitler would have been assassinated, as it was tried so many times. So, probably, the peace with the Soviets would have made in few months or years also.

What really happened?

Roosevelt and Churchill made a treaty with Stalin in Teheran. They supported Soviet Russia in the war with Germany and took Stalin as an ally. A murderer, bankrobber, dictator and a communist as an ally - how come? were they fools? I don't think so. They (I personally think, that the leadership came from U.S. as GB was dependent on help of USA and also no position to bargain) understood, that it would be quite difficult to destroy Germany alone and would cost too many american lives. But why waste the expensive lives of americans, if we can waste the cheap lives of soviets.

And why did they want to destroy Germany? Because it was enemy? For ideological reasons? Nonsense. III reich was just too powerful competitor. What Roosevelt and U.S. practically did, was to lend money to other countries (Europe), to destroy each other completely. And after the war...USA was the only supreme power in the world. Everybody else had been destroyed:) Europe was split in two parts, one of which was governed by the cruelist dictator of history of mankind. To be honest, Europe hasn't recover ever since (and will it?).

In conclusion: who ever started this stupid war, one is sure: U.S.A. made a hell of a profit from it financially, in military, politically etc. They just found a way, how to destroy Europe completely. Did Roosevelt foresaw it all in the end of 1943? He must had foreseen it. After all, he was in the freemasons.

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